Indigenous Affairs

Engages with Indigenous communities within and surrounding McGill University. Indigenous Affairs is largely housed under the Indigenous Solidarity Policy, informed by the work of the Indigenous Affairs Committee, and guided by the Indigenous Affairs Commissioner.

  • Indig. Solidarity Policy (link)
  • Indigenous Affairs Committee (link)
  • Indigeneity and Solidarity Week (link)
  • Projects 2017-2018 (link)


Resources – Indigenous Affairs at McGill

Indigenizing the Academy Report  

Indigeneity and Allyship Report 2016 

Provost’s TaskForce on Indigenous Studies and Indigenous Education – Final Report 

McGill Daily – SSMU Adopts Indigenous Solidarity Policy 

Report of the Indigenous Affairs Committee to Legislative Council (Winter 2017) 


Resources –  Canadian Indigenous Affairs

A Memo to Canada: Indigenous Peoples Are Not Your Incompetent Children 

All Mouth and No Ears: Settlers With Opinions 

Resource put together by RadLaw after the Colton Boushie Trial