What/Where is Milton Parc?

It is widely believed that the inhabitants of the Milton Parc area – the area commonly referred to under the harmful misnomer of the “McGill Ghetto” – are mostly students. In actuality, permanent residents make up the vast demographic majority of the neighbourhood, with students numbering only just over a quarter of the 11,150 residents.  

For more on Milton Parc and the ghetto misnomer, check out the 2015-2017 Community Affairs Commissioner, Robin Nyamekye’s interviews with residents in the McGill Tribune :

The History of the Milton Parc Community

The Milton Parc Community (CMP ) is a unique housing cooperative network , created in December 1987 following the adoption of law 224 by the National Assembly of Quebec and after almost 2 decades of social organization in the neighbourhood beginning – like many movements – in 1968.

Milton Parc houses more than 1,500 people in low and moderate income housing in 616 apartments from more than fifty countries . It includes 146 residential buildings and two commercial buildings. The current members are all co-owners :

  • fifteen co-ops
  • six low-income housing buildings ( NPOs , including rooming houses )
  • SDC Milton Park (SDC ), owner of the commercial properties
  • a community-based organization
  • two other organizations with a commercial vocation

Today, the Milton Parc Community, roughly bordered by University, Sherbrooke, de Pins, and St Laurent, continues to be a vibrant residential neighbourhood that organizes against urban overdevelopment, and for alternative urban living services

For more on the history of Milton Parc, check out their website :


Community Groups to check out:

Solidarité Milton-Parc, Milton Parc Citizen’s Committee,