Community Affairs

Community Affairs at SSMU is responsible for the relations between undergraduate students and their immideate neighbours in the Milton-Parc community (what is commonly referred to using the misnomer “the McGill Ghetto”). The portfolio is looked after by the Community Affairs Commissioner, whose job is to organize solidarity events with the community, to be the main point of communication between the union and the Milton-Parc Community, to promote opportunities and channels for SSMU members to learn about community organizations and volunteerism in Montreal and to liaise with faculty associations and being a resource for community-related projects that they would like to undertake.

In the 2017-2018 year, there are 3 main projects under this portfolio :

McGreen (link)

Waste Management in Milton-Parc Campaign (link)

Student Co-op Housing (link)


Community Affairs Commissioner 2017-2018



Julien Trembley-Gravel