Welcome to SSMU External Affairs

The External Affairs portfolio has 5 main components: Community Affairs, External Affairs, Indigenous Affairs, Union Affairs, and Political Campaigns.

Unlike other SSMU portfolios, External Affairs is largely project-based, and responds to the climate on McGill campus as well as the larger climate of the student issues in Quebec. The VP External also acts as the main representative of the membership to municipal, provincial, and federal politicians.

Latest News Posts

  • 2018 Indigeneity & Solidarity Event Series!

    2018 Indigeneity & Solidarity Event Series!

     SSMU Indigenous Affairs is pleased to present the 2018 edition of its annual Indigeneity and Solidarity Event Series. A total of five events and one full-day conference put on by the Indigenous Student Alliance, in partnership with SSMU Indigenous Affairs, dispersed throughout the Winter semester make up this event series. We hope that these events … Continue reading 2018 Indigeneity & Solidarity Event Series!