One of the keys to social organizing – and one of the weaknesses of student unions unfortunately – is institutional memory. It is important to archive the work that has come before us on this campus, as although the students regularly change, many of the administrators of the university – especially upper-administrators – remain the same. Therefore, it is important that we have an accessible knowledge of the activism that has happened on this campus for almost two centuries in order to understand where pressure is most effective to making change happen, and where students have been historically and systemically marginalized, disenfranchised, or exploited.

Much of this knowledge is housed within the SSMU’s External Affairs Office – although most certainly not all. There has been a great amount of student-led activism on and off campus outside of the union.

In the Spring of 2017-2018, the VP External and the Campaign Coordinators will be working on an archival project to try and make the resources of the External Affairs Office accessible to students who are not inside members or employees of the union.