Not Your Redmen

 (inspired by a design by Gregg Deal)

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Why “Not Your Redmen”and “#changethename”: 


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Quick Facts (C’s slides): 

  • Redmen name has been used since 1926 and is still used
    to this day
  • according to to the Media Guide released by McGill
    Athletics written by historian Stanley Frost, (http://
    by Queen Arsem-O’Malley), Frost states the team name
    was written as two words “Red Men” in reference to the
    schools red colour and jerseys
  • Frost perpetuates the narrative that “Red Men” refers to
    the Scottish heritage of our founder James McGill
  • Communications officer for Athletics and Recreation,
    Earl Zuckerman claims that the media attached the name
    “Indians” to junior varsity teams
  • The Daily article continues that in the 70s with a funding
    cut McGill could no longer fund multiple teams
  • So the “Indians” name ceased usage, while the senior
    “Red Men” team name continues
  • in contrast Women’s athletics team priors prior to 1966 were benevolent and did not use
    either the “Red Men” or “Indian” moniker
  • the Men’s teams of the “Redmen” and “Indians” existed alongside each other from