Projects 2017-2018

UTILE Student Housing

A taskforce that includes SSMU, PGSS, and CMP (Communauté Milton-Parc), and UTILE (Unité de travail pour l’implantation de logement étudiant) has been struck to investigate potential solutions to McGill’s current student housing conditions. Their work will largely look at McGill students’ results from the 2016/2017 PHARE survey on housing that UTILE put forward. For more information contact 

Campaign Against Waste in Milton-Parc

For a long time, garbage and waste management has been a concern within the Milton-Parc community. In an effort to promote being good neighbours and engaging in more sustainable living practices, the Community Affairs Commissioner will be continuing an awareness campaign to inform students of the rules and regulations about garbage in the area as well as starting a project that collects furniture in the area that becomes abandoned on the street during move out weekend and can be refurbished and cheaply resold to students in the fall.

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Trash2Treasure is a service to educate students on responsible care for public spaces they occupy during their time at McGill. In so doing, it aims to reduce the negative social and ecological footprint students have historically had on Milton-Parc. It is a project whose aim is to address the waste created by students in the Milton-Parc area during the move-out period in the Spring, collecting furniture to store over the summer and sell to new students in the Fall semester.

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Quebec Studies Minor

SSMU Community Affairs will be working with the Social Equity & Diversity Education Office (SEDE) to develop and promote their Experiential Community Engaged learning & Research (ExCELR) project with the Quebec Studies minor. This minor is a unique opportunity for students to participate in equity-based experiential learning at McGill, and gives students the ability to work and do research with local grassroots organizations in Montréal!

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