Projects 2017-2018

Activist Toolkit

As part of an archival project as well as push to create tools, the Campaigns Coordinators and the VP External will be compiling an Activist Toolkit throughout the year based on the knowledges and experiences of activists who have been organizing in the specific McGill context over the years. This toolkit will give new activists a resource to refer to when accessing the institutional memory of activism at McGill.

Interested in learning more? Email or sign up for the External Affairs Listserv! (link) 

Unpaid Internships

In March of 2017, SSMU passed a Policy against Unpaid Internships (pg 106 of Policy Book) which mandates the VP University Affairs and the Vp External to implicate SSMU in the campaign for the remuneration of unpaid work. A symptom of the cultural rise of the commodification of education, unpaid internships have become a staple on our campus – especially in certain faculties as the devaluation of “feminized” labour is perpetuated. We are aiming to create a popular education campaign and raise awareness, building the foundations for a possible campaign in Fall 2018. Interested in getting involved? Email !

More info on the campaign against unpaid internships :