• Student Activism
  • The Quebec Student Movement
  • Le Printemp Erable (The Maple Spring)
  • Printemp 2015 (Anti-Austerity)
  • Anti-Racist Work in Quebec
  • 15 and Fair Campaign
  • Anti-Sexual Violence Work
  • McGill Administration


Student Activism :

Click to access TC-QMM-61810.pdf


The Québec Student Movement :


Le Printemps Érable (The Maple Spring)

submedia Documentary : Street Politics 101

Macleans Article on 2012 Occupation 

Report of the Open Forum on Free Expression and Peaceful Assembly 


Printemps 2015 :

Anti-Racist Work in Québec :

Resources for White/Non-Black Folks 


Anti-Facist Work in Québec:

List of Far Right Groups Active in Québec (updated by VP External Annually)

Documentary on the rise of the Far Right

Far Right in Québec

Students’ guide to dealing with the alt-right

Who are the alt-right and how to fight it

(***CW**** Anti-semitism, islamophobia, description of far right ideologies)

Database of Common Hate Symbols 

At McGill:  

Antifascist (Antifa) Networks in Montréal:


15 Minimum Wage Campaigns :


Anti-Sexual Violence Work :

CFS Ontario – Building a Consent Culture 

Resources for abusers on how to take accountability

CIRCLES Zine for resources 

NYTimes Article  

Zine – What About the Rapists? Community Accountability in Anarchist Scenes 

The Broken Teapot Zine 

Resources for Dealing with Conflict and Harm 


The McGill Administration :


How to file an access to information request (ATI)

Charter of Student Rights

Code of Student Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures

Operating Procedure Regarding Demonstrations, Protests and Occupations on McGill University  Campus

Security Protocol for James Admin building