Staff & Committees

Staff (2020-2021)

Anti-Sexual Violence Mobilisation and Advocacy Coordinator –

The Anti-Sexual Violence Mobilisation and Advocacy Coordinator works with groups on campus to combat instances of sexual violence and rape culture, to promote an intersectional and pro-survivor approach to issues around sexual violence, and to have these cultural shifts reflected in updates to McGill’s Policy Against Sexual Violence (PASV).

Commissaire des affaires francophones –

La Commissaire des affaires francophones préside sur le Comité des affaires francophones et utilise les informations y obtenus pour développer les efforts communautaires et les revendications de la communauté francophone sur le campus. Le CAF sert aussi le role consultatif à l’exécutif sur l’ammélioration de l’accessibilité aux francophones.

Community Affairs Commissioner –

The Community Affairs Commissioner chairs the Community Engagement Committee and uses its input for community outreach initiatives in Milton Parc and the Montreal area to create links between students and their neighbours.

Discover McGill Website Coordinator –

Indigenous Affairs Commissioner –

The Indigenous Affairs Commissioner chairs the Indigenous Affairs Committee and uses its input to empower and amplify Indigenous voices on campus through community programming and advocacy initiatives, and to provide consultation for students, groups, and Executives on Indigenous issues.

Mobilisation Coordinator –

Political Campaigns Coordinators – jointly at, individually at and

The Political Campaigns Coordinators support coordinated mobilisation tactics and popular education initiatives between groups on campus and province-wide, and helps individuals to get involved with these causes. The Campaigns Coordinators also facilitate the Solidarity Alliance McGill (SAM).

Population Education Events Coordinator –

Staff (2017-2018)

Indigenous Affairs Commissioner – Carlee Kawinehta Loft.

Community Affairs Commissioner – Julien Trembley Gravel.


Campaign Coordinators – Théo Poisson-McFarlane, Hannah Kaya.


Indigenous Affairs Committee (see Indigenous Affairs)

Community Engagement Committee (see Community Affairs) 

Francophone Affairs Committee (see Francophone Affairs) 

Solidarity Alliance McGill (see Campaigns)