The VP External Portfolio has 6 main components : Campaigns, Indigenous Affairs, Community Affairs, Union Affairs, Francophone Affairs, and External Affairs.

Unlike some other SSMU portfolios, External Affairs is largely project-based, and responds to the climate on McGill campus as well as the larger climate of student issues and the student movement in Quebec (link to page). The VP External also acts as the main representative of the membership to municipal, provincial, and federal politicians.

The position as outlined in the SSMU’s Constitution:

“The Vice-President (External Affairs) shall exercise the following powers and perform the following duties: to represent the Society and communicate positions and Policy taken by the Society to external bodies and agencies; to lobby federal, provincial, and municipal governments to further the objectives, goals and Policy of the Society; to mobilize students on positions and Policy of the Society and assist in the coordination of student-run political campaigns; to develop Policy regarding initiatives in the Montreal community; to communicate to the Board of Directors relevant external issues which may significantly affect the Society; to coordinate the Society’s Indigenous solidarity efforts; to operationalize the Society’s commitment to the francophone community; and to attend meetings of relevant local, provincial, national or international student groups.” (SSMU Constitution 10.14)



The VP External is mandated to coordinate mobilization and advocacy under policies such as – among others – the Climate Change Policy, the Policy for a Campus Free of Harmful Military Technology, and the Indigenous Solidarity Policy

For the VP External’s full mandate, see the 2017-2018 Mandate Book (link) 

For a list of all of SSMU’s policies, check out our Policy Book


**these policies and others are passed either at Legislative Council or at General Assemblies. For more information on how to pass a policy at SSMU, click here!