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Staff (2020-2021)

Black Affairs Commissioner –

The Black Affairs Commissioner represents the interest of Black students at the SSMU. They serve as chair of the Black Affairs Committee, and their mandate includes promoting equity and inclusion of Black students on campus, including via facilitating events, workshops, campaigns, and other advocacy.

Community Affairs Commissioner –

The Community Affairs Commissioner chairs the Community Engagement Committee and uses its input for community outreach initiatives in Milton Parc and the Montreal area to create links between students and their neighbours.

Discover McGill Website Coordinator –

 External Affairs Coordinator –

The External Affairs Coordinator assists the Vice-President (External Affairs) with executing administrative, clerical, communications, and outreach tasks, reviews and updates materials to enhance the accessibility of the External Affairs office, assists with the restructuring of the External Affairs office, and facilitates external advocacy and coalition-building.

Mobilisation Coordinator –

The Mobilization Coordinator will support SSMU-affiliated campaigns’ growth and mobilization
efforts by acting as a liaison between these campus groups and the rest of the student body. They will engage individual students through information discussions and popular education, and may operate through pre-existing channels which reach large numbers of students, notably faculty associations and clubs, for increased efficacy.

Political Campaigns Coordinators – jointly at, individually at and

The Political Campaigns Coordinators support coordinated mobilisation tactics and popular education initiatives between groups on campus and province-wide, and helps individuals to get involved with these causes. The Campaigns Coordinators also facilitate the Solidarity Alliance McGill (SAM).

Political Researcher –

The Political Researcher works in the External Affairs portfolio, conducting research and providing recommendations regarding SSMU’s political goals and strategies.

Population Education Events Coordinator –

The Popular Education Events Coordinator helps plan and run the Culture Shock and Social Justice Days campaigns while working closely with QPIRG and the VP (External). They also ensure that both popular education events reflect their anti-racist and anti-oppressive mandates.

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Virtual office hours (2020-2021): Mondays and Wednesdays 11-12h ET.